Employee Education

Spectrum Investment Advisors offers unique employee education featuring our patented communication strategy - Marshall's Spectrum Investing Concept®, which uses the simplicity of colors to communicate investing.  We provide educational strategies in various formats including:

  • Group participant meetings
  • One-on-one educational sessions
  • Phone consultations
  • Conference calls
  • Webinars

We provide password protected access to the customized Spectrum Investor® Handout available to all plan participants.  During one-on-one employee investment consultations, our advisors work with participants and guide them through the provider’s website to help them navigate and make changes to their account.

In our customized Spectrum Investor® Handout, we use colors to simplify investing.  We provide the following materials for participants:

  • Spectrum Investor® Risk Tolerance Quiz                                             
  • Spectrum Investor® Model Portfolios
  • Plan provision summary page